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Oozehead by Timothy Friesenhahn
Oozehead by Timothy Friesenhahn


Oozehead by Timothy Friesenhahn

Timothy Friesenhahn


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Sonia just wanted to be herself. Her identity meant everything. If she couldn't be the person who she knew she was; who could she be? Life in a small town made acceptance non-existent. Only her mother accepted and embraced her transition.

Leonard was full of resentment. His days were numbered as cancer ate his mind and body away. His past was what he wanted back. The filthy endeavors of his youth, that's all he wanted. One last run at sadistic pleasure. Those years ago, during that most marvelous night; Leonard decided to sell his soul to whoever was listening.

His voice was heard. His soul sold. Sonia just wants normalcy, and to enjoy her new relationship. There's a killer on the loose and his sights are honed in on her. Oozing blisters and juicy pus pockets riddle the stalker's face. Oozehead wants her. He wants all of her.
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Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product


I just finished Oozehead, and I have got to say, this is one roller coaster ride you want a ticket for. And Tim Tim is one of those authors that, after reading one of their stories, you immediately search out something else by them. For me, there aren't very many authors like that. I typically put some space between. But, after reading Coprophillia, I was hungry for more, and as a second course, Oozehead did not disappoint.

John A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Do not eat whilst reading

Do NOT eat when reading! Normally I don't go for extreme horror much, but this sick little oddity popped up. Now it does keep you reading and pace is pretty good. There's some of the author writing what they know, using that as a platform to speak about social issues which can be hit and miss depending on the reader. I felt it gave it some balance. Because the Oozehead killer commits atrocious and vile acts. That's shocking enough but covered in pus filled zits and blisters as well. If you are transphobic then this is also not the book for you as our female lead is transitioning. But it's written with heart and some understanding so hopefully won't offend. But granted you've picked up an extreme horror-it's shock and vileness. Fun and twisted!

Karla K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Loved it!!

"I believe that all humans should have the right to be or love however they please, as long as it is of good nature and not sinister intentions." After reading "Coprophilia', I went into this one expecting and ready for severe and utter grossness. The cover gives us a grotesque glimpse of the vileness that lies within and Oozehead surely is an abhorrent, disgusting and revolting character. He is angry and vengeful and the things he does are beyond apprehensive. The descriptions and imagery were eye popping and gag worthy along with producing the sense that his smell was crawling up my nostrils. The ooze coming out of every orifice is gross, gross, gross!! I was also very pleasantly surprised and enamored with the meaningful story that was included. I loved Sonia's character and how the many messages portrayed are a big part of the world and how important they are. It was all very touching and wonderfully written. Tim hit it spot on and gave us more than an extreme horror novella. He gave us a hybrid of the toxicity of humanity, the gore and shock of splatterpunk, and one girls journey seeking acceptance and love! Tim's character shines in this one and I cannot wait to read future releases! (One more thing...seriously...Did it have to be WHAM?!? Ha)

Jason N.
United States United States


Sick, twisted, and perverted..... and I mean that in the best way possible. A quick fast paced splatter story with some humor and social commentary mixed in. A must read for any splatterpunk readers.