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Nursery Stories for Dumb Crotch Goblins: A Child's Garden of Curses
Nursery Stories for Dumb Crotch Goblins: A Child's Garden of Curses
Nursery Stories for Dumb Crotch Goblins: A Child's Garden of Curses

Nursery Stories for Dumb Crotch Goblins: A Child's Garden of Curses

Gloom House Publishing

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Gloom House Publishing & Mothers of Mayhem proudly offer this new charity anthology of horrors — Nursery Stories for Dumb Crotch Goblins: A Child's Garden of Curses. All proceeds go to DONATE LIFE AMERICA.

We all have an inner child. Sometimes that child is joyful and well-behaved, a shining symbol of nostalgia. At other times, that inner presence is decidedly darker and more disturbed, a small figure crouched in our mental shadows, grinning menacingly while holding a sharp knife. Our formative years teach us much about ourselves and the adults we will become. They teach us what delights us and what devastates us. They also reveal to us what we fear most in the world. Whether empirical and rational or imagined and impossible, such fears tend to stay with us. These stories are what happens when adult horror authors give their inner children permission to come out and play. But the authors in this book aren’t just any authors, and their inner children didn’t just come out and play; they ran amok, leaving trails of carnage and bloody sneaker prints across the floor. Good luck getting these uncomfortable and terrifying bedtime stories out of your head.

  • Foreword by Marian Echevarria
  • Jack by Jay Wilburn
  • The Ayptox by Edward Lee
  • They Tell This Shit to Kids? by Christine Morgan
  • Yokai by M. Ennenbach
  • The Fairy Princess by Brian Keene
  • Number Three Rainbow Lane by Ruthann Jagge
  • No Sleep by Allisha McAdoo
  • Where is Thumbkin by Carver Pike
  • Before the Boogeymen Come by Kristopher Triana
  • Good Little Boys by Megan Stockton
  • Repulsal by Chris Grindstaff
  • Barefoot Ben by Lucas Milliron
  • Queenie’s Nursery Rhymes for Shitheads, Pervs, and Sheep-fuckers by Dani Brown
  • The Man Who Tried to Catch his Death by Russell Holbrook


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Mike R.
United States United States

You Have Been Warned

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation Nursery Stories For Dumb Crotch Goblins: A Child’s Garden Of Curses A little girl’s adventure in trick-or-treating on Halloween night turns into a most unusual experience. The ordinary ghost walks and haunted hayrides are overlooked by the young child due to a strange fairy garden. The visit evolves into a horrific holiday transformation. A group of total strangers wake up with no idea where they are or how they got there. Dressed as classic nursery rhyme characters, the abducted individuals are imprisoned inside cages and are forced to face their own fractured fairy tale. Let the “bad fuckery” begin. Beneath a child’s bed there dwells an ensemble of monsters. The spooky critters are in denial of becoming less frightening to a youngster who is slowly maturing. Refusing to let go of their savory territory, a plan of ultimate ghoulishness has been hatched by the self proclaimed scary brethren. Nursery Stories For Dumb Crotch Goblins: A Child’s Garden Of Curses is a Mothers Of Mayhem charity anthology. Presented by Gloom House Publishing, this collection of nursery short stories will have all proceeds from the first run go towards Donate Life America, a nonprofit organization designed to save and heal lives. Heavy horror hitters such as Edward Lee, Christine Morgan, Jay Wilburn, Brian Keene and Kristopher Triana symbolize all things that go bump in the night. From a boy named Jack that bravely enters a land of savage giants atop a beanstalk to a perverted semi-human creature offering wealth for perverted sexual satisfaction…you’ll never find stories like these on “Love American Style.” Creepy shadow monsters, evil old witches and foreboding woods complete the representation of true evil within these pages of depravity. Then there’s author Dani Brown (insert at least ten seconds of awkward silence here). Well, let’s just say these cherished poems and rhymes take a sharp left turn towards shitheads, pervs and sheep-fuckers. Welcome to the immoral world of Humpty Dumpty, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Bo Peep and The Muffin Man. You have been warned. Crotch Goblins is a place where Carver Pike answers that infamous question, “where is Thumbkin?” It’s a place where one can savor the flavor of the sweet meat of a child. It’s a place where unstable folklore offers sugar and spice and everything not so nice. It’s a place where often is heard “Fe…Fi…Fo…Fum…I smell the trigger warnings to come.” Prepare yourself for this five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Unapologetically Irreverent

The charity anthology Nursery Stories for Dumb Crotch Goblins falls firmly in the category of WTF did I just read. These unapologetically irreverent blasphemies of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and other children’s classics are sure to leave a mark on your sensibilities whether they be delicate or stout. But with a line-up of some of the best authors of impactful brutal horror, one should not be surprised. Fans of literature history know the original stories and tales behind modern fairy tales and nursery rhymes were often horrific. In that light, this reads more like a tribute to those old horrors—at least that’s what I keep telling myself because, seriously, wtf did I just read? The Forward identifies the charity and sets the stage but does not truly prepare you for the horror gems awaiting you within. Not even The Wizard of Oz escapes the brutality done to these old tales, though I did find that one, “Number Three Rainbow Lane” by Ruth Ann Jagge, to be quite thought-provoking in a very disturbing way. Also included are stories by Jay Wilburn, Edward Lee, Christine Morgan, Brian Keene, Carver Pike, Kristopher Triana, and Megan Stockton, an incredible piece titled “Yokai” by M. Ennenbach, a twisted collection of shorts by Dani Brown, and more tales from Russell Holbrook, Lucas Milliron, Chris Grindstaff, and Allisha McAdoo. That is a lot of mind-shredding horror for your buck. This anthology is not only for a good cause, it’s also a great addition to one’s extreme horror collection and library. A highly recommended read for those who enjoy horror with no boundaries—because these stories have none.