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Nikolas Robinson

Nikolas Robinson



Nikolas P. Robinson (1978-Present) was born in Saint Paul, MN but spent most of his life in and around Rapid City, SD where he still resides with a daughter, three dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. He has three grandchildren from three adult children no longer living at home.

A former musician, some of Nikolas' non-literary artistry can be found with the relatively unknown industrial/gothic musical project Alter Noctvm...Alter Idem (roughly translated from Latin into English as Another Night...Another Identity) where he provided vocals, bass, percussion, and some synth/programming.

Nikolas is also a freelance photographer and videographer with more than a decade in broadcasting and television. In addition to working behind-the-scenes for local newscasts he has worked with BBC and the Full Throttle Saloon reality television program.

"A Wreck In Progress: Assorted Poetry" was his first published work, a collection of poetry that he selected from years of material that he had previously written. This material is now compiled (along with numerous short stories) in the collection Errata: Collected Short Fiction & Poetry.

His first novel, Unspoken, was released in 2011 and he has actively continued writing since then.

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