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Nihilophobia by Gerhard Jason Geick
Nihilophobia by Gerhard Jason Geick

Nihilophobia by Gerhard Jason Geick

Gerhard Jason Geick


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The Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium welcomes GUNS 'N' ROSES for their first performance since November 19, 2019 as they kick off their COVID B GONE 2022 tour. But something doesn't seem right. And Axl's nightmare is about to begin as the show concludes. He has only been in his dressing room for a half-hour when his manager knocks on the door and ushers the "pussycats" in.

NIHILOPHOBIA Featuring: Horror Nerd, Brandy Carroll And Simon McHardy, bestselling author of Mother Maggot and Pitbull Warning: NIHILOPHOBIA is unfit for human consumption

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    Nicole J.
    Welcome to the Jungle

    This was a super fun short read! Blood and gore both included! I am a really big fan of GNR and felt the same way when I went and seen them in Cleveland Ohio, June 4th, 1991. It was the Use Your Illusion tour. Axl comes out on stage to let us all know he fired their manager because his manger wanted him to play songs off Appetite and Axl didn’t want to . Really??? Use Your Illusion wasn’t even released at that time, so we knew hardly any songs (some covers was all) No Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City, or Nighttrain. So in turn, I thought Axl was a total ass. I mean, It was good, but was totally disappointing. I heard they added some later that tour because of all the complaints, but none for Cleveland. I had seen them a few times on the Appetite tour and even some after so I obviously got over it. Anyways, knowing who the characters actually were in the story made me love it even more! 5 GNR stars ⭐️

    Corrina M.

    This is my 2nd Book by Gerhard, the first being Nosophobia, which I loved. And I loved Nihilophobia even more. Chilling, dark, humorous, gross, brutal, sick and twisted... all my favourite things! This psychological story started out great, and ended awesomely, I couldn't put it down, it had me hooked! And Oma!!!! Omagod, what can I say, but I didn't see that coming!! 5 Gold Discs From Me

    Kevin S.

    Oh, so you think you're going to have yourself a read of a horror story do you? A beginning, a middle, and an end, a nice little three-act structure of thrills, chills, and spills? Is that what you're thinking when you pick up Geick's second release? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jesus. This isn't so much a horror story as a metafictional gouged-out chunk of a parallel universe, or maybe some sort of mashed up confessional/manifesto sandwiched between a daydream and a waking nightmare. Or maybe I'm just stringing words together because my brain is feeling like its been sucker punched AND reamed out. Wow.

    Simon M.
    pubic lice in a nunnery

    Reading Nilhilophobia, I felt like I was a two year old crammed into a tumble dryer with a sack of hammers and was being pummeled by Gerhard’s unworldly fuckedupness. Another phenomenal read with dark psychological overtones, every body fluid you can imagine and an ending as surprising as a pubic lice epidemic in a nunnery. I really can’t get enough of this guy.

    Christina P.
    Why haven't you bought this yet??

    First off, nihilophobia is my new favorite word. Secondly, buy this immediately. I'm not a Guns N Roses fan (send all hate mail to my 4 year old, she knows what to do with it), but I found myself sympathizing with Axl. Next, this is packed with pop culture references. Some people don't like it and they are wrong. Cut them out of your life. Simon McHardy is a character and if you have read his stuff, you will nerd out a bit here and there. Vonnegut is quoted so I am a bit partial because of that. Lastly, it's disturbing and actually extremely heartbreaking. A fan who feels wronged and a familial bond (though it takes a really f*cked up turn later), hurts your heart... but then makes you want to throw up. So it evens out. All in all, I LOVED this one. It had laugh out loud moments, heartfelt, and repulsive, wosh I hadn't eaten before reading this moments. 5/5 Slashes. Get it at for $0.75!!