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Necro Sex Machine by Andre Duza
Necro Sex Machine by Andre Duza

Necro Sex Machine by Andre Duza

Deadite Press

America post apocalypse...a toxic wasteland populated by bloodthirsty scavengers, mutated animals, and roving bands of organized militias vying for control of civilized society's leftovers. Housed in small settlements that pepper the wasteland, the survivors of the third world war struggle to rebuild amidst the scourge of sickness and disease and the constant threat of attack from the horrors that roam beyond their rudimentary borders.

 But something much worse has risen from the toxic fog, a menace whose ferocity rivals the legendary wrath of Bloody Mary and her Revenant Clan. People say that this new menace is responsible for the Revenant Clan's sudden disappearance, that Bloody Mary had finally met her match. Or maybe the reports of yellow-red eyes glaring from the darkness were all part of Griff's mind games.




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