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Nathan D. Ludwig

Nathan D. Ludwig


Nathan is a writer and filmmaker who enjoys the cheerfully nihilistic side of life and fiction. Love Potion #666 is his debut novella. He has published short stories with Grinning Skull Press, Timber Ghost Press, and D&T Publishing. He has a few more books in various stages of undress and hopes to half-ass them to completion sooner rather than later.

He is also an audiobook narrator and the director of the GenreBlast Film Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Winchester, VA. It was recently named one of the Top 50 Genre Fests in the World by MovieMaker Magazine, so it must be a swell time. 

He loves Asian cinema, independent pro-wrestling, Warren Zevon, and a good spicy ramen. He lives just outside of Richmond, VA with his wife Mary and their two daughters, Georgie and Charleigh. Currently on the hunt for a new house and a puppy. In that order.

His podcast, The Reel '96 Podcast, is a deep dive into every single movie from 1996. You can find it wherever podcasts are available. 

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @loogenhausen and on TikTok at nathan.d.ludwig


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