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Musings of a Sadist (David Longbottom's MISadventures) by Ryder Kinlay
Musings of a Sadist (David Longbottom's MISadventures) by Ryder Kinlay

Musings of a Sadist (David Longbottom's MISadventures) by Ryder Kinlay

Ryder Kinlay

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If good looks could kill…

David Longbottom is young, handsome and filthy rich.

He’s also a psychopath.

‘Musings of a Sadist’ is a collection of stories about his fantastical, privileged and bloodied existence. Includes a never before published bonus story ‘Hot Shots’.

Take a journey into this spoilt Australian’s mind. He’s been dying to ‘meat’ you. 


If Patrick Bateman put some actual effort into being the bad guy, he might be able to reach Longbottom levels.

Rayne Havok, author of Killstreme

Ryder Kinlay has created a terrifying character in the form of David Longbottom. You’ll be sickened by his affluence and lust for violence, as you’ll be besotted by his charm. There’s a new psycho in town, and this time he has an Australian accent.

Sean Hawker, author of The Captive Dwarf

Painting the page in blood and gore with glee, Ryder Kinlay’s David Longbottom is a truly enjoyable monster!

R.F. Blackstone, author of The Book of Spite

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Nikki D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Blood-Soaked Psychotic Fun

A series of well-written short stories taking a chilling look into an extremely narcissistic serial killer and his world view...or the view in his bathroom mirror. ;) Often darkly comical and extremely gory, this collection immerses you in depravity of the highest order. I needed to read something lighter afterward just to cleanse my palette. Minor spoilers: I loved the opening story and shock of the bride the most, with Davie's ever-increasing “fixation” with his mother being probably the sickest part of this collection. (But it certainly fit the character.) I would have liked to have seen more consequences for Davie, but then the rich do tend to skate through life, don't they? I recommend this collection to those looking for a bit of blood-soaked psychotic fun. If you'll excuse me, I've got a shower to take now. Great Job, Ryder!

simon m.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Australian psycho

David Longbottom is obscenely rich and handsome. He also arrogant, lacks empathy and is a total psychopath who can only get his kicks through extreme violence and sex. In short he’s the perfect character if you like your books fecked up and depraved. It doesn’t get any better than Musing’s of a Sadist.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Longbottom At His Cruel Best

Musings of a Sadist (David Longbottom's Misadventures) collects the first four stories Kinlay's written about our favorite Australian Patrick Bateman impersonator. Kinlay successfully crafts something that feels less like a collection of separate stories but serves as more of a sequence of vignettes about Longbottom's life over a specific period. There is an assortment of self-referential moments throughout the included misadventures, reminding readers that each installment is sequentially consistent. Naturally, this begins with Longbottom's Thailand honeymoon from the story that introduced us to this depraved maniac, Bloodymoon. I've already reviewed this story, so I'll refer you to the following link if you want to see what I had to say: We move on to an installment that is of personal interest to me, as Ryder Kinlay incorporated a character named after me in the debauchery and cruelty taking place. Again, I've reviewed This Is Not An Exit previously, and you can find my thoughts at the following link: Next up, we have Dia De Los Death, wherein David feels like he might have finally found a woman he can love, and we learn just how perverse his devotion to his mother happens to be. I've reviewed this story previously at the following link: And finally, we come to Hot Shots, the newest Longbottom tale and one exclusive to this volume. When David's best friend, Dakota, calls him in a panic, seeking assistance because he's in an apartment with a dead man he'd only recently been intimate with, Longbottom resigns himself to helping out. Readers have the distinct pleasure of learning new facts about biology and the biological functions that can transpire post-mortem, so it's educational. Of course, the excitement doesn't stop there, and everything turns out splendidly for Dakota and David as they jump into a bonding experience and set the stage for future misadventures.

Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love me some Long bottom!

This collection of David Longbottom's stories takes you on all his mis-adventures. And includes the newest installment Hot Shots where dear Dakkie gets himself into quite the situation. My favorite thing about this series is the author has created a character that is so repugnant, so whiny and depraved that you just can't help but love him.

United States United States
I recommend this product

American Psycho On Steroids

Woah, if you thought Patrick Bateman was fucked up, David Longbottom says to hold his glass of some expensive liquor. The relationship David has with his mother makes my skin crawl. And his killings get worse and worse. David is a narcissistic, psychotic, sociopathic, monster. This story is depraved and awful in all the most entertaining ways. Read this within a day, my eyes could not be torn away. The author did an amazing job of making me love to hate, and hate that I love David Longbottom. Fantastic!