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Music is Over by Ben Arzate
Music is Over by Ben Arzate

Music is Over by Ben Arzate

Ben Arzate

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Between 2001 and 2013, the leader of the Japanese noise band The Gerogerigegege, Juntaro Yamanouchi, disappeared. Where did he go for over a decade? Perhaps he met a victim of the Slit-Mouth Woman and they took a night train to nowhere. Perhaps they stumbled on an industrial wasteland of a city filled with strange doctors, mysterious foreigners, psychotic policemen, and unfriendly residents. Perhaps they became caught between violent struggles they barely understood in their journey to go back home. One can only speculate.

Malarkey Books is proud to present Music Is Over!, a surreal picaresque horror novel by Ben Arzate. It’s very weird, it’s totally bizarre, it’s kind of violent, and it’s weirdly touching. It’s all of these things but more than anything it’s just a cool book.

Cover design by Mark Wilson.
Typesetting by Michael Kazepis.