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Mr. Nice Guy by Allisha McAdoo
Mr. Nice Guy by Allisha McAdoo

Mr. Nice Guy by Allisha McAdoo

Allisha McAdoo

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*Warning* This story contains graphic material, it may bring on nightmares, irrational fears, loss of appetite, and finishing this story without getting a wink of sleep. Luke grew up in an abusive home where his mom and stepdad hurt him in every way possible. Finally once all grown up he decides he isn't going to take it anymore.  As he lives his life the best that he can he runs into a bad situation after a bad situation, to the point where being abused when he was younger seemed like a vacation.  Will he survive or end up in the electric chair? This story will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. This is nothing like you have ever experienced.

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McAdoo For The Win

McAdoo hits it out of the park with Mr. Nice Guy. Sick, twisted and depraved humans are a VERY common occurrence in extreme horror. NEVER has an author taken that sick individual and done a better job of showing us thier humanity. Nature vs nurture at it's finest. Every sick person alive, be them on the bus next to you, in the office next door or in your kids PTA has a story. The "how" and "why" surrounding thier twisted nature. Allisha does such a good job with this, many times in the book I almost forgot who the true villain was. Mr. Nice Guy was such a fun read. It seems sometimes authors of extreme horror are just going for the shock factor, McAdoo shows us that all evil started somewhere.

Another great read from an awesome i die writer

I've been reading her work for a few years now,i've never been disappointed. Theres a great mix of good characters,evil shit happening,and endless horrid,gruesome deaths. And wait till tou meet Mr. Rumple.