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Michelle von Eschen

Michelle von Eschen



Michelle von Eschen (early works written as Michelle Kilmer) is an American author of quiet, literary horror.

She is a lover of the macabre who prefers Earl Grey tea, October, people who say goodbye on the phone, and her dreams are so real she can’t figure out what has really happened to her. When she isn’t writing, Michelle enjoys weightlifting, dark beer, web design, singing and playing guitar, and watching horror movies. She is afraid of the dark.

Her work includes the novel When the Dead and the novella Mistakes I Made During the Zombie Apocalypse, four short story collections: Last Night While You Were Sleeping, When You Find Out What You’re Made Of, Once Upon a Time, When Things Turned Out Okay, and Old Farmhouses of the North. She is a co-author of The Spread which she wrote with her twin sister, and a co-editor of GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries. Michelle has also written The Murk of Us, a nonfiction prose and poetry collection documenting the horrors of the toxic empath/narcissist relationship.

Her short stories are featured in several anthologies including Roms, Bombs, and Zoms from Evil Girlfriend Media, A Very Zombie Christmas from ATZ Publications, and Jolly Horror's Don't Cry to Mama and Accursed.

She is currently working on two projects exclusively for Godless.

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