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GODLESSGodless Antichristmas III Is HERE I Underground & Indie Horror I Digital eBooks ONLY!
Medicated by Kate DeJonge
Medicated by Kate DeJonge

Medicated by Kate DeJonge

Kate DeJonge


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The line between mental illness and horror becomes blurred for Shawna when she realizes she forgot to take her prescription one day. She is a shut-in, terrified of the outside world, and the chemical imbalance she's lived with for years requires careful medication to avoid hallucinations and worse. Her days are meticulously structured to avoid a mishap like this. With no one to turn to for help she spins out of control, haunted by someone in her bedroom mirror who wants her to cross over to his side. But what is really happening, and what is her fragmented mind inventing? 
4900 Words