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Manny Torres


Manny Torres is an Atlanta, Georgia, transplant from Brooklyn, New York. He pens loosely connected road-noir novellas that have made it to the LGBTQ+ crime bestseller’s list. Dead Dogs is the first in the trilogy, which continues with Perras Malas (meaning Bad Bitches in Spanish), and concluding with this book, Cabrones Perros. His other book, Father Was a Rat King, was based on his experiences living in Baltimore, Maryland, and growing up in pre-gentrified New York City. A film fanatic from a very young age, Torres’ favorite films are Mad Max, Jaws, 8 ½, Fitzcarraldo, and It’s a Wonderful Life. Inspired by Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, Torres has been an abstract painter and photographer for 30+ years. His favorite band of all time is King Crimson, and he looks after several cats.

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