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Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler
Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler
Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler


Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler

Eric Butler

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Alex has a crush on the new Teacher’s assistant, and he’s finally worked up the nerve to approach her. Too bad she’s crossed the University’s star player, and Duncan Shaw has no choice but to make her disappear. He plans to lay the blame on the local urban legend, but tonight he just might learn that some legends are real.


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Andy C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Odd Title… Amazing Short!

Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler is a story with a really strange name, but it makes sense when you read it. The tale is one that Butler has proved he is well versed in, and that is urban legends. Eric for the time being is planning on releasing shorts exclusively on, and then a litter later on Amazon. If they are all as good as this little tidbit than I’m in! Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny is anything but funny. When Alex’s girlfriend is essentially kidnapped, and her kidnappers plan to murder her amongst other things and blame it on a local urban legend. Unbeknownst to the kidnappers, or anyone in fact, the urban legend becomes more real than expected! Will Alex rescue his girlfriend? Will they all be at the disposal of the evil entity that resembles Tar Man from Return of The Living Dead? Or will they make it out unscathed? Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler is the first short I have read this year. It already made its spot on my list of favorite reads of 2023! I cannot wait to see what Butler has in store for readers with his next short titled The Surrogate (available on Godless now for 0.99!). Five out of five stars! Until next time, my friends!

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


Judging this book by its title, I don't really know what I was expecting, I mean I was expecting something, but it wasn't what I got!! What I did get though was a gore filled, stomach turning delight! Mary is a teacher, discussing Urban Legends with her class, when one of them brings up a local legend called The Thing in Archer Park or The Bandage Man! Covered in toxic waste and left to search for his sweetheart for the rest of his life, The Bandage Man likes to snack regularly on a more 'distinguished' palate! And on this particular night he has quite the feast! Several unfortunate circumstances lead to a group of people ending up in the same place, a place where they will wish they'd never even heard of it! A short, sharp and savage shocker of a tale, that reads a bit like a 50s horror movie! (Thats the vibe I got anyway!) It's fast paced, gory, horrifying and tense with some truly gag inducing moments! And that ending was perfect!!

South Africa South Africa
I recommend this product


I know what you’re thinking, but you are totally wrong. There is no dentist chair and laughing gas in this story. Very solid creature feature for the whole, twisted family. 4 Stars

Mike R.
United States United States

A Ghastly Gore Filled Creature Feature

Horror Bookworm Reviews Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler A University teacher along with a class regarding urban legends such as Bloody Mary, The Goatman and The Mothman discuss a tale of their very own local myth named The Thing From Archer Park. However when three students caught cheating on a test conspire the ultimate revenge, plans spiral out of control and directly into a real life horrific folklore. Eric Butler conceives his own urban legend of toxic glowing waste. Surrounding an unfortunate accident, a shambling abomination motivated by love wreak havoc upon a remote community. Butler hits all five senses within this novella. The stench of toxic death, the sight of lumbering beasts, the touch of melted flesh, the sound of crunching bone and the taste of copper. Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny is a ghastly gore filled creature feature that the reader can sink their teeth into. It’s a campfire tale of morbid mystery that runs the gambit of various terrifying tall tales. Beginning this year the Horror Bookworm has launched a monthly showcase of Godless narratives. January’s presentation and well worth the purchase is Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by Eric Butler. If you haven’t checked out Godless or Eric Butler now is your opportunity to slaughter two birds with one stone. Grab a down right disturbing story for a down right low price today. A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.

Diana R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Quick and Brutal!

Professor Underhill’s assistant Mary finished showing the class a film about urban legends. The plan is to dive into some of the well-knowns like Bloody Mary and the Goat-Man. Alex informs her of a local legend called The Thing in Archer Park. This piques her interest; however, she has some cheating students to deal with first. From here things take a very ugly turn. The Thing in Archer Park gave off some Toxic Avenger vibes but more grotesque. Butler did a great job describing this character. I could see it and smell it. Honestly, the whole story was very descriptive for a short which I loved. The characters also stirred up some emotion. I felt terrible for Mary and hoped she would have her revenge on Duncan. Butler did a great job with Duncan’s dark character. He was so easy to hate. The author teased the ending I was hoping for but delivered something entirely different, which was a bit of a shock. If you’re looking for a quick and brutal read, add this to your TBR. For me, it was a great kick-off for my 2023 reading challenge. You can grab your copy on Godless dot com.