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Kelvin V.A Allison

Kelvin V.A Allison



Hailing from Portsmouth on the south coast, horror author Kelvin V.A Allison has made the north-east his home for the past fourteen years and has written a staggering thirty seven horror novels in that time, including the ten book World of Sorrow series which is in talks of being made into a graphic novel, and five short horror novellas, as well as co-writing the RPG system Edge of Darkness. His sci-fi horror novel, Juggernaut, a cross between 28 Days later and Star Trek is currently being converted to a script by a Danish screenwriter in the hopes of it being picked up by a television network.
Currently living in the paradise that is County Durham, he has swapped the hustle and bustle of the large southern city's for a peaceful village existence in the home he shares with his fiancee, their four children and their neurotic dog, where he spends his days writing, eating fruit filled sugared pastries, lamenting the loss of his waistline and wearing an assortment of masks.


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