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Justin Grimbol

Justin Grimbol


"If you forced Walt Whitman to write poetry about the family scrapbook full of faded polaroids that you stole from Adam Sandler's attic, you might come close to capturing what Justin Grimbol so effortlessly does."---Danger Slater, Author of He Digs A Hole.

"Justin Grimbol is the type of person who'd eat the fries off your plate after you've gotten up to use the bathroom at Perkins, which means he's a real sneaky ass--but also a great, great writer--so whatever." --- Brian Allen Ellis, Author of Sexy Time In The Spooky House, Oh Yeah! and Failure Pie In A Sadness Face.

"It's refreshing, reading Justin Grimbol. There's an energy in his work that I don't really see in most other writers." Daniel Vlasaty, author of Church Of TV As God.

"Grimbol is hands down, the dirtiest minded writer out there. But not sleazy-dirty. There is heart to the perversion." Jason Wayne Allen, author of Rotgut County Blues.

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