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Julian M. Miles

Julian M. Miles


Julian grew up in Sussex, UK. After an ‘interesting’ childhood, a broken home in his early teens finished off his departure from normal. In the subsequent four decades he’s worked at levels from loading bay to boardroom, broken more things than he’s been charged with, and picked up a lot of stories along the way. 

 His first encounters with horror were via second-hand American pulp comics in the 70s. While he was then drawn to science fantasy and magic, the darker sides of both were added to a love of Lovecraftian horror and classic sword and sorcery.

 From those early influences, a marked dislike for wasted time led to a certain no-nonsense approach at odds with traditional Cthulhu Mythos fiction and, indeed, the niceties of office politics.

 When his lack of diplomacy and talent for breaking things led to both career and marriage failures, his love of tale telling came to the fore to save him from a life of petty crime.

 After starting publishing in 2011, he published his first horror book in 2014 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s a triple-genre author who is very happy to make his horror works available to the Godless community.

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