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JS Bannerman

JS Bannerman


Ten years after running on fire into the horror world with his fiddle finger raised in pride burning for all to see author Jake Bannerman went into hiding after 2 book releases family of dog: the harvest and the pitchfork diaries left behind were the pitchfork diaries 2 and the 2 remaining books in the family of dog trilogy “Return to Sender” and “American Reichmare.”

Diving into married and fatherly Clark Kent mode he abandoned his books and his writing to pursue his first true love music and went on to host a successful syndicated podcast and run a PR company. Always searching for a desire and meaning he stopped everything altogether music the writing and just became......

Always convinced his books were unlike any other he went through a life change like the rest of the world in 2020 that put him in the mind frame of I’m just going to be me damn the consequence not that this wasn’t his way already but this time around he was not listening to warnings or holding back punches.

With his middle finger still on fire and now firmly crushed between his teeth he returns on a mission releasing his books with new artwork and lost in the shuffle interviews pictures notes and a renewed fervor.

Ten years later the books will begin as digital-only releases under the banner of Nightcore. Jake is available for interviews and review copies of Family of Dog are available by emailing 

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