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Immoral Dilemmas by Thomas R. Clark
Immoral Dilemmas by Thomas R. Clark
Immoral Dilemmas by Thomas R. Clark


Immoral Dilemmas by Thomas R. Clark

Thomas R Clark

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“A gleefully messed up tromp through the cosmically weird and totally deranged. 

Clark’s writing pulls you in close and then slings you into the abyss!” The Spine of Motherhood Reviews

Ghosts aren’t scary… people are.

From two-time Splatterpunk Award nominated author Thomas R Clark Explore the extremes of the human condition through his carnographic lens. Contained within are ten tales, each dripping in viscera and questionable matter. Let this serve as your trigger warning. The trip of terror you will take pulls no punches. It will expose the dark secrets we all keep within, and make you question your own motivations. 

Immoral Dilemmas, featuring the best of Clark’s no-holds barred brand of splatterpunk in ten curated stories guaranteed to make you squirm, and ponder the intentions of those around you… both living and undead.


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Mike R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Nightmare Narratives

A Horror Bookworm Recommendation Immoral Dilemmas by Thomas R Clark - A family finds themselves participants in the infamous Sin Raffle. The lottery has been formed by the government in an effort to reduce crime and illegal behavior. The citizens of the United States of North America are tuned into their TV sets as the annual Federal Gallows begins New Year’s Day. As the horror unfolds for the family, another national holiday has begun. - A sinister couple accidentally takes a life of another human being. Now the decision is how to rid a hundred-and-eighty-pound person. Cannibalism, sexual prowess and paranormal phenomenons…the world between the living and the dead is a vast one made of many riches and fertile surprises. - What happens when the Men in Black come knocking on a certain double-wide trailer in question of a specific kind of Cryptid. A Yeti has been dumping his poo upon the front lawn, but there is so much more to this complicated Sasquatch shit story. The existence of Cryptoids are consistently unsubstantiated by the scientific community, but author Thomas R Clark shines an unusual spotlight on the legend. Thomas R Clark offers up his nightmare narratives entitled, Immoral Dilemmas. This experimentation on fears happens on a wide range of victims, ghosts, lunatics and shifting realities of fate. From a violent virus outbreak to a sportscaster for the Major League Dead Baby Ball All-Star Homerun Derby, a commentary that only Clark can create. This author’s mutated chaos of tortures, murders and infidelities are all gratifying cuts of meaty stories located within his stored chest freezer among unidentified chopped up body parts. Clark writes with a wide range of diversity. Lisa Vasquez touches on this this in her well written Forward. Clark is the judge, jury and executioner to each and every extreme twisted tale of duplicity and horror. My favorite aspect of his writing style is the undercurrent of an unpredictable world impacting the human senses. The obsession with horror, sex and violence bends the boundaries of reality and consciousness that gives Immoral Dilemmas a distinguished Videodrome vibe. Here’s a few goodies that I took from this entertaining read…I‘ll never think of the song, Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones the same way ever again. You can have one heck of a gruesome time with a Melon Ball Scooper. And a quote to live by, “ya don’t give yer food a name. Makes it harder for ya to put’em down when the time comes.” Immoral Dilemmas should be on your TBR pile for 2023. A sold Horror Bookworm Recommendation.

United States United States
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Brutal and Boundary-Crossing Intensity

Immoral Dilemmas is an aptly named collection of stories by the talented Thomas R. Clark. These are tales of dark, generally twisted situations where stakes are high and choices are everything. Aside from the theme of immoral dilemmas, these stories are very different from one another and deal with a morbid range of horrors … blood, brutality, bloody brutality, body fluids, ghosts, plague, nightmares, cannibalism, even creature horror: The suspense and terror and violence in “Dropping Karma.” The dark and horrifying obsession in “What Fragile Beings We Are.” The haunting loss and regret and despair in “Against the Grain.” The maddening terrors of plague and isolation in “Alive Inside.” The stomach-turning body fluids, dark humor, gross factor, and simmering depth in “The Hate-Box in Her Heart,” one of my personal favorites—the character build, story progression, and plot are supremely entertaining! The brutality, torture, and emotional agony in “Sin Raffle.” The intrigue and violence in “M.EN.TOR.” The bizarre dark humor and suspense in the fun story “Yeti Shit Blues.” The tension and boundary-crossing plot point in the brilliant bizarro “For the Love of the Game,” another personal favorite—the symbolism, social mirroring, and horrifying foreshadowing are brilliant and brilliantly done. Clark’s diversity in writing and talent for storytelling are magnificently showcased in this collection, as is his way with integral brutality, depravity, graphic presentation to create impactful tales. Immoral Dilemmas is an intense 5-star read for extreme horror and Splatterpunk aficionados.

Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Hands down best showcase of Mr Clark!

From Part one all the way to Part two, Tommy does an incredible job with this showcase. I won't lie to you this review would be twenty times longer than the others if I had my way. However, I decided it best to condense down my review to the ones that stood out the most for me so as not to give away too much about the other stories. Starting with one of my favourites, Dropping Karma. A harrowing tale of a young girl who dies over and over. The first thing you notice with the story is the narrator's voice, it seems to carry more age and cynicism in it as she speaks. A young woman, who is wise beyond her age sees more than what she should have. So it made me wonder if along with the drops where she dies, things change by a fraction. Does that mean time accelerates her every time she passes? I mean that kind of trauma, a near-death experience would be way heavy on the mind. So constantly dying, returning, and having to live with the alterations as a result of her death. That has got to take a toll on the psyche and this story sure knows how to blend the lines of reality and fiction incredibly well. This story is a great taster of what is to come, making the reader Hunger for similar stories that hold the same value of creativity. This story also contains a very profound moral of actions having consequences, with a very dark what the fuck moment at the end. Next we move to SOBRIQUET A LA MODE, another brutal favourite of mine. This one was a disgusting gore fest that almost pays homage to Dead Inside, so yeah roast baby is on the menu so you need a strong constitution. Sex, gore, and horror all rolled into the account of Mike and his cannibal escapade with his lover Birdie. An equally demented woman, this story folds in dark supernatural elements that have some intense views on the afterlife as well as those who can perceive it. WHAT FRAGILE BEINGS ARE WE This one is a combination of what grief can drive you to do in an alternate reality. So this story very much fits in the theme with the others. Jeff only came to Mr Morrow's house to fix the internet and get more than he bargained for. As he wanders into the house of man struck with desperation and a bit of a god complex. Dooming three innocent women in the process and twisting things horribly so that poor Jeff is never the same again. ALIVE INSIDE Jenny is forced into a life of solitude, no human contact, and a mundane routine on repeat for 3 years. I mean, for me that is heaven but for Jenny that all changes when she meets Rudy. Then nightmares get clarified as versions of reality and all hope seems to be on Jenny as she finds out the real reason she is in this prison. It's actually for her own protection as it's revealed she is the lone survivor of a huge massacre caused by an infection. If you are thinking Zombies, not so fast! This is so much more than that. The bond between Rudy and Jenny is a case of hope and survival. When she finally has her moment to be with Rudy, that is when Mr Clark makes things very interesting. Moving this story into my favourites list. Looking into Part Two, we get THE HATE-BOX IN HER HEART. I mean this one is a wow story, you end up listening to a list of unfortunate events. Do all of them have anything in common? Sarah and tonight of all nights her husband Randy Wilson gets blind ass drunk. Not only embarrassing her in front of all their friends and co-workers but to add insult to injury, the pet dog pulls some messed up shit. Literally in this case, of all the events that occur in her life. I would say that this Memorial Day will be a memorable one for her for sure. A little bit of dark humour in this one with some damn right nasty scenes to follow. SIN RAFFLE A batshit crazy revenge story that turns into may the odds be in your favour. I mean the scenes are graphic when it comes to the torture of Marq, but it seems Eddie is ready to face his fate. Another story of actions having consequences, as Thomas introduces the reader to the futuristic world where the government has Psi-Veillance. Where anything the AI deems as illegal, can put you into a lottery draw you do not want to be a part of. Almost giving it a Logan's Run vibe with a tribute-style randomised selection. Accept of course for the difference being the family of the one hanged gets a shit ton of money. I mean, it takes two to tango Eddie? But he seems not to be fussed about his adulterous wife getting a payout for killing her lover. Not to mention the shit she puts him through over the holidays you cannot help but feel sorry for Eddie. But can it get worse? It sure as hell can! Because the ending is gut-wrenching and painful to read. Giving my second what the hell moment for this collection. M.EN.TOR This one takes a dark and twisted turn as we follow the nightmares of Sergeant Russell. This story definitely holds some realism of what soldiers go through, the detail that Thomas goes into with this story is intense. Showing that he does have a deep understandi