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Idol Threat by Bryce Allen
Idol Threat by Bryce Allen

Idol Threat by Bryce Allen

Bedlam Press

After a brief retirement in eastern Europe, bizarro espionage operative Shane Bishop is thrust back into action when his daughter Iris is brainwashed and kidnapped by members of a mysterious new age cult known as the Church of Solarism.

Haphazardly teamed with a young investigative journalist looking to expose the Church’s Nazi origins, Bishop follows a trail of increasingly-alarming clues that point towards the Solarites and their mega-rich celebrity leader plotting to violently overthrow the U.S. government and erect a Fourth Reich upon American soil in the very near future.

In order to retrieve his daughter, help his partner get her scoop and prevent the Church from achieving their diabolical goal of world domination, Bishop must contend with a steady barrage of wannabe actors, ill-tempered wizards, reality show rejects, interdimensional spacetime travelers, sleazy Hollywood agents, an enchanted computer tablet, stale baked goods and his benign overlord’s languid fatalism all while navigating Los Angeles’ seedy underbelly and the fictional realm of Rodinia’s vexatious customs… With so much on the line in Bishop’s latest adventure, one thing’s for sure – a resolution of some kind will be arrived at. Probably.






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