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GODLESSUnderground & Indie Horror Forever I the Skid Row Slugger is here!
Hunger by Lewis Kelly

Hunger by Lewis Kelly

Lewis Kelly


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Jakoby is a sex addict whose urges manifest themselves as a second 'voice' which he cannot control. Grady is a suicidal Vietnam vet who thinks that there isn't anything left in the world for him. Hadly and Isabella are a lesbian couple new to the neighborhood and looking to start a family. All four of them are thrown into hell as Jakoby's other voice takes control and orders a cannibal on the internet thinking it was a sex slave. At the same time, the neighborhood around them erupts into flames and almost everyone disappears. Now Grady, Hadly, Isabella, and Jakoby must try to survive as it becomes apparent that there is a lot more going on than just a hungry cannibal.