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Homo Superiors by L.A. Fields
Homo Superiors by L.A. Fields
Homo Superiors by L.A. Fields

Homo Superiors by L.A. Fields

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Two college seniors: Noah, frail like the hollow-boned birds he enjoys watching, caged by his intellect, and by his sense that the only boy as smart as himself is his best friend; Ray who has spent years aping leading men so that his every gesture is suave, but who has become bored with petty cheats and tricks, and now, during summer break in Chicago, needs something momentous to occupy himself.
Noah’s text says, I’ve found some candidates for murder. Ray chuckles and knows that Noah sent the message to cheer him. Both boys realize they stand apart from others their age. One lacks social graces, the other has perfected being charming. Both are too willing to embark on a true challenge of their superiority but neither realizes what such a crime will do because no matter how they see themselves, how they need one another, they still possess the same emotions of H. sapiens.

Homo Superiors…is a seduction into evil. L.A. Fields prose burns like an underground fire. Relentless, and more dangerous than you realize until it’s too late.” - Laird Barron, author of X’s for Eyes and Man With No Name

"She writes so arrestingly of thwarted desire and social awkwardness that readers may briefly believe themselves to be inside Noah’s own skin. Overall, it’s a thoroughly unsettling book." - Kirkus Reviews