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High Octane Damnation by Brett Williams

High Octane Damnation by Brett Williams

Red Room Press

James McGuire is drowning his sorrows at the bar when a stranger offers him the unimaginable. The keys to his dream car and the opportunity to redirect his anger at the man who killed his family. But revenge is only the first stop on the highway to hell. A mob of women as mad as James are set on destruction. And they will do whatever it takes to get what they want. James McGuire, though, remains determined to stay behind the wheel on his trip to high octane damnation.

"If you liked Stephen King's 'Christine' then you'll love the way this sexy Devil's ride burns up the road. Brett Williams is hell on wheels." --Randy Chandler, author of HELLz BELLz and BAD JUJU

"Offensive, preposterous, blood-soaked and sex-fueled, HIGH OCTANE DAMNATION is over-the-top, full-throttle, no-apologies grindhouse crammed with more action than this sentence has adjectives." --Alan Ryker, author of THE HOARD






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