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Hell Bound Angel by John Pirillo
Hell Bound Angel by John Pirillo

Hell Bound Angel by John Pirillo

John Pirillo

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Detective Knight takes on cases that usually involve females.

Monsters true.

But look like beautiful women.

Trouble is, they also act like real women, and dump him once he's helped them solve their problems.

This case proves to be no different.

An angel comes to Detective Mystery Knight for help.

She's in trouble with a HellBound.

Hellbound are people who have been possessed by demonic spirits.

And the HellBound only has one thing they want to do in life...destroy humans in as many ways as possible.

Detective Mystery Knight is special.

He can see the HellBound.

Trouble is, they can also see him!

But being a lonely man is hard in his life as a detective, and sometimes even a HellBound can make for fun.

Times on Myster’s sofa bed.

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