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Hamster's Ball by R.J. Benetti
Hamster's Ball by R.J. Benetti

Hamster's Ball by R.J. Benetti

R.J. Benetti


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Hamster's Ball is a coming-of-age story filled with depravity, perversion, blood, jism, and hamsters. It's a story that is sure to offend and sometimes make you laugh.
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Hamster Humping

Jesus Christ what in the rodent banging did I just read??.. This was crazy and hilarious I loved it but I did make me think about my poor little Rosy from my childhood in so glad she never met Devon

Todd L.
Canada Canada
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Hammy The Hamster

If you life Alf and other furry little creatures and blood, cum, and all other fluids this is the book for you. You can’t escape your destiny, no matter how many hamsters you explode! This was crazy!

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Holy hamster balls!!

*REVIEW* Hamsters Ball By R.J. Benetti HOLY FKIN' HAMSTER SHIT!!!! (Literally!) That was insane, gross, hilarious, sick, twisted, disgusting fun!! I LOVED it!! A whole new kind of revenge story with an awesome twist that I did NOT see coming!! My face was aghast the whole time I was reading!! Perfect!! This book is awesome!! 5/5 hamsters from me

United States United States

This reminded me so much of my first experience reading Daniel Volpe (Daniel Jay back in the day). Both had a great opening chapter, both stories had me excited to find such a great new author, even before I finished their stories, and both endings--superb. The author has a great ability to roll out a well-written story. Keep it up, you're going places.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
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Just Hamsters Having a Ball

Devon's childhood is reminiscent of many of our own early years spent in front of the television, complete with mothers who worked as strippers and fathers who found themselves sexually aroused when ALF was on the air. Wait? Is that not a common thread for those of us within a certain age range? Well, we can surely all identify with childhood trauma associated with the sexual proclivities of our fathers, right? Alright, fine...maybe Devon's childhood isn't the everyday, standard set of experiences. I doubt it qualifies as a spoiler to suggest that Devon's father has a certain fetish associated with hamsters. It's a bit of a Richard Gere scenario, for those who recall those rumors that circulated around the man who brought Dick Tracy to life and who fell for the hooker with a heart of gold...just with hamsters rather than gerbils. What would spoil this for you is if I described the circumstances surrounding the father's death. I will not do that. All I will say is that none of us reading this will hold a candle to the trauma Devon experiences in those final moments. Later in life, Devon finds his path crossing with a pet store associate, Peggy. Though he has developed a strange fetish of his own, he finds himself drawn to the woman just the same. From there, R. J. Benetti drags us through a gruesome conclusion no one will see coming. This story is fantastic in its unexpected absurdity and no-holds-barred disgusting content. I don't know what I might have expected going into this one, but if I had any expectations at all, they would have been shattered before I finished the first section of narrative.