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Hacked in Two by Daemon Manx and James G. Carlson
Hacked in Two by Daemon Manx and James G. Carlson
Hacked in Two by Daemon Manx and James G. Carlson


Hacked in Two by Daemon Manx and James G. Carlson

Gloom House Publishing


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When June and Ezra take a spontaneous road trip to rural Pennsylvania, they find themselves in the strange town of Red Falls. What transpires there leaves the couple questioning their overnight stay. But when they strike out with new friends for a hike the following morning, June and Ezra enter a world of blood and terror that changes their lives forever.


Two worlds collide—a post-apocalyptic place of harsh survival and awful violence, and a tortured author whose reality is coming apart one line at a time. Does any story ever truly end? There is life in the words and in the spaces between them, somewhere in the invisible ink. Deacon is the fusion of at least two stories—one playing out in the barbaric ruins of a fallen world, and the other in the mind. This psychological twist of perception will leave you wondering where fiction ends and reality begins.
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Mike R.
United States United States

A Disturbing Double Feature

- A wilderness adventure for a young couple quickly develops into a terrifying tourist trap with unspeakable consequences. Never has the rugged outdoors developed into such extreme hazards of horror. - A plague of lumbering undead has been released among the world’s population. This revelatory tribulation has given rise to true evil and genuine good, specifically a righteousness that was delivered to fight for the oppressed and punish the wicked. * Authors Daemon Manx & James G. Carlson have combined forces to create a disturbing double feature of novellas known as Hacked In Two. Red Falls by James G. Carlson captures a road-trip of ominous dark despair. His gritty tale of strange and diseased infestation has a primitive bite which doesn’t let go. Glossed with earthly and spiritual overtones, Carlson’s bloody brochure is laden with horrific hillbillies and parasitic surreal nightmares. Many forms of extreme terror await the reader within this unconventional story of creepy delirium. Deacon by Daemon Manx arouses slow moving ghouls better known as Grunts or Rotters. Desiring the taste of fresh meat, the collapse of civilization is inevitable. A man of the cloth, known as Deacon, imposes his justice on those in need with actions of brutal deliverance. Speargun, chainsaw and cleaver are just a few of the tools used for baptism of the flesh. An inventive inner struggle artistically bleeds onto this novella’s pages making it literally horror from the author’s heart. Extreme horror is served on a platter of vile raw meat prepared by two of the finest innovative splatter-chefs writing today. Stories like these bring readers together and praise that century-old conviction of “the night is long, and the gods are good.” Enjoy these five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ morsels of the macabre.

Mick C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Two Great Stories

I so enjoyed this book. A story each from James G. Carlson and Daemon Manx and each one was fantastic. Red Falls takes you into little backwoods PA town with two urbanites. From creepy locals to creepy things in the surrounding forests, this story pulls you along to an ending that is not what you are expecting at all. Deacon is a whole different story that blurs reality and fiction to the point you kind of wonder which is which. One part zombie tale, one part insight into a the heart of the writer; it grabs you and doesn't let go. This book was dark, creepy, but moments of humor, and sometimes touching. I can't recommend it enough.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Gruesome twosome!!

So, you get two stories for the price of one with this book, and they are both fan-bloody-tastic! First off is RED FALLS by James G. Carlson, which kicks off with a creepy, atmospheric and horrifying opening! And it doesnt let up!! A fast paced tale with lots of action and humour, and some great descriptive prose. A story of small town secrets, traditions and rituals, and animals in the woods that are foaming at the mouth and covered in weird, moving lumps! Nature can be horrific, and so can the natives! All in all, an unsettling, brutal and itchy read that I very much enjoyed! The second story is DEACON by Daemon Manx. This one is a little bit different, and a lot brilliant! Fiction and reality intertwine in this brutal zombie tale with a unique twist! It starts off pretty gross, and continues to be gross, but in between we get a real insight into the life of Daemon Manx (or is it Deacon? ) A heartfelt insight, which was eye opening, surreal and intense. The story flowed well, despite it being told from two different realities and perspectives, and the descriptions are brilliant, helping you feel youre a part of the journey. This was my first by Daemon but Ill definitely be checking out more! Overall, both were high energy, big impact stories that I thoroughly enjoyed!! 5/5

Kira S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Stayed up all night reading it!

Have read multiple titles by these authors. Substantial growth from the previous works, in my opinion. Mind blown. Stayed up all night reading it. Highly recommend, though hopefully you can sleep in the next day because it is an addictive page turner!

Lisa L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Two Incredible Horror Stories

Hacked in Two from Gloom House Publishing is a single fabulous volume containing two stories, one by James G. Carlson and the other by Daemon Manx. The stories are not connected and are different from one another, but both are excellent. In Red Falls by James G. Carlson, the prologue sets an ominous and intriguing tone, but that moment further in the story when it became clear there was way more to this story than I thought sent shivers down my spine. I was so intrigued and subsequently so enthralled that I read the whole thing in one sitting. Of course, one of the driving characteristics of Red Falls is Carlson’s vivid characters. I love the way he tells us all about June and Ezra through their conversation, thoughts, and actions. I didn’t find them personally likable—though Marcus and Nigel are absolutely fantastic—but did find them and the other characters believable and engaging. As you might expect from that, another driving force of the story is the character interaction. It’s flawless and keeps the story flowing beautifully. Now, the ultimate twist and reveal was not what I expected, not at all. But I loved it! It’s clever and unique, and it transcends your expectations and all subgenre lines with skillful complexity. This story is absolutely brilliant, and I can’t recommend it enough. However, readers should be aware that it does ultimately contain some very disturbing subject matter … which I personally also loved. Deacon by Daemon Manx is an unexpected story of the duality of existence and a curious companion to the horrors Red Falls. But, as stated in the synopsis, it “will leave you wondering where fiction ends and reality begins.” I found that to be true, and it made Red Falls retrospectively even more horrifying. In Deacon, Manx explores the line between the fiction we escape into and the reality it can often reflect, much like a grown-up horror version of The NeverEnding Story, but with the author instead of the reader. The violence and suspense of the post-apocalyptic story contrasts with the tension and dread of the author story in a way that creates a third story: the story of the reader’s experience. And it is an experience. Your mind tries to solve the mystery while also trying to wrap around the complexity of fiction reflecting reality in ways both subtle and blatant. On a simpler note, the post-apocalyptic story is graphic, gory, and great. The story about the author is suspenseful and deep. The reader experience of the way they come together will possibly vary from reader to reader, but I found it has me wondering if it is intended to be that deep or if it’s an intended unlawful fornication of the mind. Or both. Probably both. You need to read this. As a whole, these stories individually and collectively step outside the boundaries of subgenres, tropes, and expectations. This is a shelf-worthy volume I intend to acquire in paperback for the Templum Library.