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Gruesome Futures (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 4)
Gruesome Futures (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 4)
Gruesome Futures (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 4)


Gruesome Futures (Tales to Make You Vomit Book 4)

J. Manfred Weichsel

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The librarian is back with her first misanthropic anthology!

When three brave astronauts embark on a trip to the moon, little do they know that a hidden purpose awaits them—an alien signal detected from the moon, shrouded in secrecy to prevent panic on Earth. The lunar module is damaged upon landing, stranding the astronauts on the moon's surface, with no hope of returning home. Determined to fulfill their mission, they follow the mysterious signal to a crater, leading them beneath the moon's surface and into an enigmatic library.

Here they meet the Librarian, a seemingly harmless elderly woman with a nefarious agenda. The bilious bibliosoph has decided to put humanity on trial by forcing each astronaut to read a sickening science fiction book from her liverish library. If just one can read a book without throwing up, the earth will be spared. But each time one of the astronauts gets green around the gills, the librarian will launch, by catapult, a giant rock at the earth, which will, upon impact, cause massive loss of life. As the bizarre book bazaar unfolds, the astronauts face an unsettling realization—the final rock will bring about the destruction of Earth.

Along with the frame narrative by J. Manfred Weichsel, Gruesome Futures features stories by three acclaimed authors renowned for their ability to invoke revulsion, dread, and a dark fascination. They are:

Misha Burnett!
With a penchant for crafting unsettling narratives, Misha Burnett’s latest tale, It Only Hurts When I Swallow, promises to take you on an emotional journey of grotesque beauty. In this slice of new wave fiction, Burnett’s twisted imagination births scenes of judicial punishment that will be difficult to digest.

Max Gunssler!
Prepare to be ensnared by the putrid pulp of Max Gunssler, for in The R*** and Annihilation of Babe Babylonia, he weaves a story of future professional wrestling that will disturb the depths of your puny human psyche. Gunssler’s uncanny ability to write gonzo, off-the-wall action scenes will leave you breathless, and empty your stomach. 

Todd Love!
In The Secret on Subfloor 82 of Serenity Station, Todd Love offers readers an unforgiving plunge into the darkest recesses of the human condition. In this piece of Grimdark MilFic action, Love’s exploration of the grotesque serves as a reflection of our own flawed existence, challenging you to unearth the true horrors that lie within… within your gut, that is.

Gruesome Futures will invade your nightmares and make you sick. Can you read this digest of disgust without throwing up? Do you take the challenge? 
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Donna L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Fun read!

Hilariously gross and off the wall. I liked the main story arc as well as the three separate stories. Sci-fi meets bizarro meets horror made for an entertaining read.

Nat W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Will Humanity Survive the Vomitfest?

So three astronauts land on a crater, sounds like the start to a bad joke right? But oh boy, this book is no laughing matter. We have the strong and beautiful Diamond Jones, who is the first black transgender woman in space. Adam Chronis, the intelligent Captain and Atticus Finch (yes that is a play on who you think). After a very bumpy crash landing and losing the fourth member of the team. Little do they know the nightmare is just beginning. After they are tasked with a secret mission to make first contact with alien life. A noble cause one would think, but you would be very wrong. When they meet the Librarian everything gets batshit crazy. When asked by the Librarian, “And what is it,” she asked, “that draws you to this science fiction?” “We love the hopeful and optimistic vision for the future golden age sci-fi presents.” Her reaction will chill you to the bone, as she is about to give a reason for them NOT to be optimistic. In total we get three stories, from three brilliant authors. Misha Burnett It Only Hurts When I Swallow, well along with the disturbing detail of surgery. There is the cruel and unusual punishment that the man endures at the hands of his ex wife and her new wife. This story was sadistic, twisted and I am still wondering what the hell this guy did. To be treated like a farm animal used for fat storage. But the last part of the story is definitely gag worthy, but it's only a taste of what's to come. I am kind of grateful that I do not know what's in the stuff they feed him. It's just the way that Misha portrays the level of torment that Susanna and her lover put him through. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and dying to know what happens next. Moving onto the The Rape and Annihilation of Babe Babalonia by Max. Well this was a step up in the gross out oh metre but read in my brain like an 80s sci-fi porn. Out of space wrestlers, doing unspeakable things to each other while they fight and honestly at points read like a horror hentai. There were some bits that did make me gag in the back of my mouth. Of course this was the story given to Diamond and she doesn't even flinch, like dry heaved but by the end we are reminded she is a badass ass bitch. But it was interesting how Max took this opportunity to showcase this Barbarella style story with tentacle porn vibes that will make you very uncomfortable. Leaving the Astronaut Leader, Adam to be the deciding factor in earth's survival. He gets to read Todd Love's story which is not only an honour but at the same time…you know he f*cked. Well he did say give me your worst, and Todd has a reputation for going above and beyond. The Secret on Subfloor 82 of Serenity Station, I expected Todd to give his classic dark and twisted take. As we follow the story of Mad and Miles the Butcher, as they get back the memories and try escaping a space jail. There is one bit involving another inmate called Shiv, which is a particular stomach turning. Especially now I own the animal in question that meets a neausiating end. As always Todd brings tension and nerve wracking anxiety into his stories, as the break for freedom takes place. The ending to this creep show style book is just perfect and I will warn you. If you do not have a strong stomach, this may not be the book for you. But if you are like me, the more twisted the better and like to be pushed to the limit? But I also love a bit of horror mixed with Sci-fi. This is the book for you…now I need volumes 1-3, DAMN YOU J. MANFRED IM MEANT TO BE ON A BOOK BUYING BAN!