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Godless League Adventures
Godless League Adventures
Godless League Adventures

Godless League Adventures

Madness Heart Games


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You’re not a superhero. Superheroes are clean-cut fucks that wear capes and fuss over rules, law, and order. You? You are vengeance, fury, and wrath. You are a badass that takes shit from no one, dead set on bringing ruin to your enemies like fascists, corrupt businesses, corrupt government, uncorrupt government, drunks, dudes that kick dogs, subpar restaurants, or even just rude people. Do your powers make you a hero? Do your actions? Maybe sometimes, a hero is defined more about what they are against than what they are for, fuck. I guess you are a superhero.

Welcome to Godless League Adventures, the no-holds-barred, bare-knuckled game of super-powered fury. With lightning-fast character creation and lightweight rules, you’ll jump right into the action no matter if this is your first time playing a roleplaying game, or if you’re a seasoned veteran. 

Godless League Adventures is designed for things to go off the rails quickly. A fully destructible world filled with casualties waiting to happen. A single game could see a character going from a barely alive piece of shit to fist-fucking Cthulhu in the face with some sort of rocket-powered punch. You grow more powerful by making the person running the game say “oh shit!” or “holy fuck.” or even “that’s stupid, you insane motherfucker.” Power fluctuates wildly and quickly. This is by design, this is a vehicle for telling off the cuff, insane, insane, splattery supers stories. If you want a game that is heavy on action and short on brain cells, we gotchu fam.