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Godless by Drew Stepek
Godless by Drew Stepek

Godless by Drew Stepek

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15-year anniversary of GODLESS. In eBook for the first time!

Eating disorders are a choice, not a disease! Doing everything but providing the reader his finger to purge, first time novelist, athesist and 17-year bulimic Drew Stepek proves his controversial theory in his new novel titled GODLESS.

A combative, heart-wrenching novel, the psychological and physically distressing drama played out in GODLESS leads the reader through a surprising and shocking path that could only be told by someone who has lived the experience and the pain first-hand. D, the primary character in GODLESS is obviously a tormented soul.

Underneath the torment, we discover a secret, a secret so horrific that D doesn’t even remember it, until the day his father makes known what is at the root of D’s suffering. Mr. Stepek shares a provocative tale that zeros in on the trauma of male bulimia and addiction that is both compelling and forceful. And while there are many books, both fiction and non-fiction that are superbly written and which address the subject of bulimia and addiction, none genuinely tap into the heart and soul of the subject quite the same way as GODLESS.


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