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God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer by Sean Malia Thompson
God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer by Sean Malia Thompson
God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer by Sean Malia Thompson


God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer by Sean Malia Thompson

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In 1996, four friends discovered the terrible secret hiding on a quiet island on Lake George, in Upstate New York. They went for a vacation from which they never returned. Read the harrowing account of how they partied, had sex, and ultimately fell prey to the… God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer.

Goddamn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer is a twisted, balls-out romp filled with sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll—and a heaping helping of gore. With enough twists and turns to keep readers on their toes, this story isn’t your typical slasher. Readers who like their horror bloody, batshit, and tongue-in-cheek will have a blast with this one.”
—Jo Kaplan, author of 
It Will Just Be Us, and When the Night Bells Ring

“Surreal, funny, scary and strange, 
God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer is a fast-paced slasher with heart. Thompson’s cinematic prose makes this a perfect novel for anyone looking for that feeling of a dark night in front of the TV/VCR—or anyone who likes their horror clever, blood-soaked, and self-aware.”
—Tiffany Morris, author of 
Elegies of Rotting Stars

“Sean M. Thompson’s 
God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer offers outrageous action, copious bloodshed, and real heart. An ode to slashers past with an eye to the future, this book is one hell of a genre-bending good time.”
—Paula D. Ashe, author of 
We Are Here to Hurt Each Other

"Thompson channels the late 90s-early 2000s horror era to deliver a surreal, madcap slasher-zombie-supernatural-meta mashup."
—Jonathan Raab, author of 
The Haunting of Camp Winter Falcon and Camp Ghoul Mountain Part VI: The Official Novelization

"From the first moments of 
Zombie Chainsaw, when an older local at a convenience store asks its cast “You all headed out to the woods to do that liberal disaffected youth sex partying?,” you know you’re in for an absurd time. But “absurd” barely covers this story of Lake George in 1996, as a group of profane twentysomethings canoe out to an abandoned island for a weekend of sex, drugs, and partying. Everything Thompson can turn up to eleven, he does, from the makeout sessions turning into a full-on orgy, to the drug trip where two of the campers are so unhinged they weird out their own hallucinations. But it whips back around as well, flipping to genuine menace as the titular chainsaw murderer barrels into the book by flinging a deer carcass at one of the main characters, his point of view section listing his victims one by one as he chases down the campers. It’s a book that can flip on a dime, first drawing you in with its satirical portions or weird charms, and then gutting you when the horror or pathos slams back in like a freight train."
—Sam Reader, Tor Nightfire