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Gil Valle

Gil Valle


Gil Valle is a former NYPD patrol cop who rose to infamy in 2012 after he was wrongfully arrested by the feds for allegedly plotting to kidnap, cook, and eat women. He became known to the world as the “Cannibal Cop” and faced life in prison. Valle has since been completely exonerated of all wrongdoing and he released “Raw Deal” — a memoir about his ordeal and the criminal case — in February, 2017.

After “Raw Deal”, Gil realized that he enjoyed the process of writing a book.  Since he got simpleminded FBI agents to believe that his fictional stories on the Internet were actually the workings of a massive cannibal conspiracy that spanned three continents, he felt that it made sense to try to make fictional writing into a new career.  Gil sent his first extreme horror manuscript to Comet Press and was excited to receive an offer within a week. He plans to continue writing.

Gil Valle resides in Queens, NY with his two dogs Dudley and Tyson. He considers himself a good cook and actually does consume food. He has appeared on Inside Edition, Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen, People Magazine,, Slate, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The New York City Crime Report, True Murder with Dan Zupansky, and many other places.

You can buy Gil’s memoir, “Raw Deal”, on Amazon here.

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