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Gerhard Jason Geick

Gerhard Jason Geick


My name is Gerhard Jason Geick. I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and I am the proud father of two beautiful daughters. I have been writing for 25 years, and over the past ten years, I have self-published five collections of short fiction and drabbles. These include Snapshots of Growing Old by the Side of the Road and, most recently, IN A DARK PLACE WITH NOTHING BUT A DRABBLE FOR A SHIELD, which is available on Amazon. I have been a fan of horror for over thirty years, beginning with King and branching out to Laymon, Little, and his ilk. I recently discovered independent Horror and Godless, and Nosophobia was my first offering to this extreme horror genre. It won't be my last. My next story is already complete and in cue. My writing is dark and satirical and full of twists, and even if what you are only reading is only 100 words long, you won't see the wall until you hit it.

When I am not writing or reading, I am editing. I have been an editor for over ten years, and I have edited well over sixty novels. I am currently editing and developing educational scripts. 

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