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Geek Poems by Charlee Jacob
Geek Poems by Charlee Jacob

Geek Poems by Charlee Jacob

Necro Publications

An all new collection from the reigning queen of disturbing, beautifully brutal, literary horror. Multiple Bram Stoker Award finalist, Charlee Jacob, delivers a book packed with some of her finiest short story and novella work:

• FRIGID: Frost lovers needed and fulfilled the needs of frost people. But what were those needs?

• YEAH, YEAH, DOG GONE SOUTH: The old Gods were returning, down from the sky or out of the mud?

• TALES FROM A GRAY WOMB: The otherworld crone wanted the adoption agency to return her baby---and she wouldn't accept substitutions.

• ROOM: The woman who came to see the room-to-rent needed to move NOW!

• 13 HOURS SPENT STALKING EURYDICE: Orpheus went to Hell itself to save his lost bride...couldn't she move a little faster?

• LOCKED INSIDE THE BUZZWORD BOX: Her body had always been a prison within a prison, yet her mind freed itself to wander the madness.

• AND WHERE THY FOOTSTEP GLEAMS: He couldn't think or speak clearly, yet the shadow women knew why they wanted him.

• GEEK POEMS: Lovers reunite to discover their connection with the flavor of cherries.






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