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Gateway by Kristopher Triana
Gateway by Kristopher Triana

Gateway by Kristopher Triana

Kristopher Triana

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“THE GATEWAY” is an all-new tale of terror by Kristopher Triana, author of “Gone to See the River Man” and “Full Brutal”. It is the short story that led him to write his forthcoming novel “The Ivory Dealer”.

A ruthless human trafficker comes face to face with his ultimate prize, but finds himself trapped in a nightmare of his own creation.

Now available exclusively from Godless.

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Dakota D.
United States United States

A Great Glimpse At A Future Title

This prequel has done its job, causing me to be even more excited for Triana’s next release!

United States United States
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Fantastic. Can't wait to get The Ivory Dealer when it's released. Great premise and execution.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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*REVIEW* Gateway By Kristopher Triana This book is a teaser for 'The Ivory Dealer' which is Coming Soon from Blood Bound Books ......and what a fking teaser it is!!!! This book is beautifully written, flowed perfectly and the build up to the fantastic ending was smooth and enticing!! It is full of blood, gore, suspense and intrigue! I haven't been as frustrated that a book has ended and I now have to wait for the main attraction, for a while!! I am SO EXCITED for The Ivory Dealer!! This short story was amazing!! But then, I haven't read a book by Triana that hasn't been! 10/5

Nikolas P. Robinson
United States United States
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A Fitting Sacrifice!

Gateway is vastly different from a lot of what one might expect from Kristopher Triana. The reader isn't going to find the sort of vividly depicted gore and violence one frequently associates with Triana's material. I have to say they'll be missing out if they don't dive into this story because they're disappointed about the lack of brightly splashing gore and viscera in these few pages. Franco Torres is a human trafficker who specializes in albinos, whether for sex trafficking or harvesting purposes. He's a monster preying on superstitions and prejudice to accumulate wealth, and he's exceptionally successful at it. When a stunning, ethereal albino woman arrives at a party he's attending, Torres can't help but introduce himself to The Gateway. Will his deepest wishes and dreams come true at the hands of this mysterious woman? What will be the cost? I will be eagerly anticipating the upcoming novel, The Ivory Dealer, that emerged from this short story. Triana successfully baited the hook with this one, leaving the reader with questions that desperately need answering.

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Great preview/solid standalone story

I'm excited to read about the world of these criminals who sell albinos to witch doctors. It appears to be a macabre take on some of the archaic superstitions that make elephant poaching still a thing in 2021. This story took a creepy, eerie turn. I could visualize all of it so clearly, including this criminal underground.