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Fucked Up Shit by Nick Burgin
Fucked Up Shit by Nick Burgin

Fucked Up Shit by Nick Burgin

Nick Burgin

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Without Kelly: Love. Obsession. Betrayal. Rejection. How far would you go to be with the one you love? After everything they've done to you. After all the shit they put you through. Would you still want them? Jack still wants Kelly, and he's going to have her, whether she likes it or not.

No Escape: After Ellie's father loses his job, the family have to cancel their summer holiday. So, upon her mother's suggestion she gets a part-time job at a hotel to help pass the time and hopefully make some friends Things are going great! The girls she's working with are all kind and friendly...she couldn't have wished for a better first job. Then one night, as the girls are relaxing after work, a van pulls up outside, plunging them into a night of horror that none of them could ever have imagined.

Succubus: Jenny loves to suck. Souls, that is. It's her life, literally. Every night she goes to the club. Every night she feeds on unsuspecting men and women. Every night she gets her fill, in more ways than one.
One night, however, everything goes wrong and Jenny finds herself fighting for her life and her immortality. So much blood will have to be shed. So many souls will have to be taken. So much fun is bound to be had.

Death on The Mountain: Emily is having a bad night. Her fiancé has just dumped her. Now, alone drunk and miserable she can't imagine how things could possibly get worse. Then they arrive. Two figures, clad in black, faces covered by balaclavas. A fight for survival ensues as Emily forces back against the violence and depravity that descends upon her once peaceful existence.