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Five Maidens on the Pentagram by J. Manfred Weichsel
Five Maidens on the Pentagram by J. Manfred Weichsel

Five Maidens on the Pentagram by J. Manfred Weichsel

J. Manfred Weichsel


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Step into the twisted world of Five Maidens on the Pentagram, a gothic horror sex farce that will leave you laughing, gasping, and begging for more. Meet Jonah, a completely sane mental patient with split personalities. Ordinarily, Jonah is entirely normal, but whenever he's frightened, he turns into his evil alter ego, Maldeus.

Nobody believes Jonah when he discovers that his doctor is actually an evil wizard named Hasatan, who has built a massive pentagram in the hospital's basement and is using it to carry out a twisted and perverse rite called Five Maidens on the Pentagram, a diabolic ritual that involves sacrificing women to a sex-crazed demon.

But Jonah is determined to stop him, even if it means embracing his own dark side and going undercover as his alter ego in order to uncover his doctor’s evil plan.

As Maldeus, Jonah must navigate a world of occult magic, invisible men and women, and a cast of characters that includes a cute nudist mental patient named Aurora. But will he be able to stop the twisted wizard and save the women condemned to Five Maidens on the Pentagram before it's too late to stop the rise of Satan?

Five Maidens on the Pentagram is a thrilling exploration of identity and the struggle to reconcile conflicting parts of oneself. With its dark and playful style, this novel is a must-read for fans of horror, humor, and dark fantasy.

So if you're ready to join Jonah on his journey into darkness and confront the twisted wizard, the sex-crazed demon, and the very limits of your own identity, then get your copy of Five Maidens on the Pentagram today and prepare to be swept away by a thrilling and unforgettable ride.

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Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Five Maidens reads like a Hardy Boys book, but for an entirely differently audience!

The story is an amped up take on Dr. Jekll and Mr. Hyde, where Hyde is trying to conjure Satan, and Jekyll is trying to stop him. This hyper-sexed thriller/horror was spawned in the depths of hell. It is chalked full of cliches and tropes, but it is a quick, fun read. I enjoyed it. It is my third book by J. Manfred Weichsel, and I would read anything he wrote


The devil is coming

Another weird and wonderful tale from this fabulous author.. I laughed a lot reading this the humour mixed with the twisted story had me diving through the pages.. Have you seen the awesome cover? It's a definite purchase for the bookshelf.

Dakota D.

The birth of Satan is near!

I have tried to find the correct words to give this book the review that it deserves, but nothing I can come up with really portrays just how entertaining this book is and how much I absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves horror, satire, and maybe even bizarro. Five Maidens on the Pentagram is a story of a man who admits himself into a mental institutes for dissociative identity disorder and snowballs quickly into a race to save mankind from the Earthly birthing of Satan himself. Weichsel introduces a variety of flawed characters, from a homophobic serial rapist to a demon with major gender identity issues. Each character’s flaws are not downfalls however in this satire, as they are vital tools used to push the story along into its final act. The use of dry humor kept me interested almost as much as the story did. Without spoilers, the trope of double and triple crossing is used perfectly throughout the story as a way to link key events as well as a bit of comic relief. Five Maidens on the Pentagram deserves five out of five stars!