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Fish Pie Face Fuck! by Sean Hawker
Fish Pie Face Fuck! by Sean Hawker

Fish Pie Face Fuck! by Sean Hawker

Sean Hawker


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The turbulent relationship between two brothers is tested further when a woman comes between them…

…She just happens to be dead.

The third novelette in the HAWKMAN series features necrophilia, kung fu glue sniffers and, more importantly, a delicious fish pie.

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Dakota d.
United States United States
Fish Flavored Love

Have you ever stared into the eyes of someone and knew at that moment you were hopelessly in love? Everything about them just seemed so perfect to you, they were gorgeous in your eyes. The long flowing hair, their body was just that perfect shape, the way maggots crawled under her skin. Okay, so what if she’s dead? It doesn’t mean that the love isn’t there. This story was pure gross fun. For about half of it I was wondering where the name came from, and then it hit me and it blew my mind. Fish Pie Face Fuck is a lot of things, but first and foremost it’s a love story with a big fat lesson to take from it. Don’t stick your dick in dead things, there will always be consequences.

Tim E.
United States United States
Necrophilia, Maggots and Mulch, OH MY!

What do you get when Sean Hawker combines two dysfunctional necrophiliacs, a female corpse and a drug district in Gloucester? A fucking gut wrenching combo of maggots, compost, and filth, and this book delivers all of that and more. Hawker has a tendency to turn every situation into a nightmare and does not hesitate to start the nightmare from the worst possible, and descriptive scene, but trust me, he does allow you to get comfortable after the first shock. This tale is about Jon (The Cotswold Muff Mangler, a serial killer), Spence (Jon's mentally deranged/challenged brother) and Wendy a though provoking corpse, alone in the woods, who is brought home by Jon and starts the tale! This was a quick extreme read that will give you chills, laughs, as Hawker usually delivers, and a ton of thrills, especially if you're turned on by corpse-humping (F**king), okay, necrophilia, LOL! Buy FPFF NOW!

Todd L.
Canada Canada
Taste and Sea

Fuck the Marvelverse, give me the Hawkerverse! Sean’s Three Godless shorts are quickly become something extraordinary. Fast paced and in your face. Each book showcases the Hawkman’s talent. If you like to read with a slop bucket next to you, read this book.

Corrina M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Just when you think the Hawkman can't get any worse (better)....hold on to your tacos, buckle up and enjoy the ride! Outrageous, vile, utterly f**king disgusting, sick, twisted, fast paced, action packed, and totally hilarious! I got some real Ed Lee vibes from this one!! Sean manages to ram so much into such a small space once again (probably with the help of a little WD40! ) Note to self: Be careful what you wish for! I wanted to know more about Spencer, and by becoming a character in this story, I came so close to finding out a lot more than I wanted to! You are in for a very disturbing, hilariously brilliant time with Fish Pie Face F*ck! 5 manky potatoes from me I'm off for a very hot bleach! UGH!! Did I tell you IM IN THIS ONE??!!

Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
Sean brings his subject matter to life.

As chance would have it, I happened to be reading a similar story to Fish Pie Face Fuck! when it was released. I put the first story down, with no intention to return to it, and went straight to the Hawkman, who, I knew, would have the real goods, whereas what I had been reading had been a mess of senseless, soulless, gore. It was absolutely disgusting, but it bored me. Hawker, on the other hand, writes with purpose, and that is why when his characters do the things they do, they demand a response. And if a story can't do that, then what's the point?