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Filthy Secrets by Jonathan Butcher
Filthy Secrets by Jonathan Butcher

Filthy Secrets by Jonathan Butcher

Jonathan Butcher

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Helena is bored with her marriage, her job, and her life, until one day she discovers a unique way to make things interesting again.
As her taste for covert depravity becomes a dark obsession, Helena faces conflict: does she want a life of private perversion, or the love of her husband? Can she have both?
In this splatterpunk love story, only one thing is clear: everyone has their secrets.
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Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Johnathan Butcher is a compassionate writer

The way that the author handles this woman's abnormal compulsions, withouthout judgement, is a statement to his character. In fact, I read that he had wanted his book to be called "Secrets," but the publisher had insisted on the addition of the word "Filthy," and his hands were tied. In the end, he had almost scrapped the project over the title, but he chose not to, and not for financial reasons, but because he knew that there were people who where going through this exact same thing, and he didn't want them to feel so alone. Filthy Secrets takes off where the DSM5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition) leaves off, and it is written in such a way that anyone can experience what it is like to walk a mile in the shoes of someone with this sort of extreme condition as they go about making rash extreme choices as if they were merely deciding which socks to wear; and without even knowing what's happening, the protagonist begins to change on a deeper level, and things can never be the same. There should be more authors like Johnathan Butcher. Filthy Secrets is a MUST READ, and I am definitely looking forward for Butcher's contribution  to 31 Days of Godless! Of course, Filthy Secrets is fiction, and I took some liberties with this review. Still, not only is this story well written, but, as someone who used to be a Correctional Case Worker, I thought Butcher did an excellent job at following the "fall" of someone that is very sick, but has no clue, and is seeing things in a ways that are more than a little skewed. Well done, Johnathan!

Australia Australia
Too short but loved it

The escalation was fantastic, but I wish the story was longer.

Daniel B.
Delightfully depraved

A quick and enjoyable read. The sense of illicit goings on and a slide into depravity felt genuine and something that would take others entire books to achieve. I highly recommend the small, but perfectly formed tale.

A journey of self discovery and keeping romance alive!

The lengths one woman will go to to keep the love alive in her relationship, despite all the outside influences trying to come between her and her lover. She manages to find new exciting ways to keep that spark alive, It's quite sweet really. Once I put my chocolate bar down () I devoured this story and loved it.

Rayne H.

After the first couple pages I had to read this through squinted eyes. My brain could not handle this with clear vision and it knew it had to protect me. Thanks brain.