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Ezekiel Kincaid



Known by his fans as "The Paranormal Pastor", Ezekiel Kincaid brings a unique and original touch to the dark fiction genre. His twenty plus years in ministry have afforded him the opportunity to encounter people from all walks of life and in a myriad of situations. These experiences have leaked into his stories in numerous ways. Like life, his writings run the gamut of human existence. Fear, dread, grief, loss, sorrow, hardship, humor, joy, and perseverance; the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghastly, and macabre - you'll find it all in the pages of his work. Mr. Kincaid also has the ability to write in various styles and voices, giving each tale the narration and visceral characters needed to make the words jump off the page for his readers. The greatest compliment that he is most often given is that his stories are so different from one another, it's hard to tell they are written by the same author. This allows him to consistently churn out fresh stories for his readers and keep them on their toes. The only other language he is fluent in is sarcasm. One time, his fiance bet him he couldn't go two minutes without making a sarcastic comment. Zeke didn't last thirty seconds. Since then, he's stopped taking bets. He also has three theological degrees, along with a poetic and romantic side (which he usually ends up ruining with a snarky comment). He is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has four children, and is about to start his residency as a chaplain. Zeke played football in college and likes to train in martial arts. He's also an avid Ash Williams fan and will fight anyone who says they don't like Bruce Campbell.


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