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Ebu Gogo by J. Manfred Weichsel
Ebu Gogo by J. Manfred Weichsel

Ebu Gogo by J. Manfred Weichsel

J. Manfred Weichsel

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Terror lies waiting in the jungle island of Flores.

Terror in the form of cryptids called ebu gogo.

Terror for the cryptozoologists who dream to discover them.

The one thing Lewis Dare wants more than anything in the world is to discover the ebu gogo - three-foot-tall cryptids in the genus of Homo rumored to live in Indonesia.

But Lewis Dare's ex-wife Linda, wanting to beat the famous cryptozoologist at his own game, has rushed to Indonesia in order to discover the ebu gogo before he does.

On the Indonesian island of Flores, their dream to discover a cryptid becomes a nightmare when the ebu gogo turn out to be primitive, savage, sex fiends.

Warning: Ebu Gogo has repugnant sex, disgusting nudity, nauseating violence, unlikable characters, deranged humor, and cruelty to furries. It's a lot of fun.





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Gerhard G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

J. Manfred Weichsel deploys the Clever Weapon in the cleverest of ways!

Ebu Gogo was not at all what I expected, and it surprised me in the best possible ways. It is about a cryptozoologyst that is in search of homo floresiensis, who in folk lore is called Ebu Gogo. When they find them, they find a tribe of only women, and they don't know what happened to the men, and the one male in the party is taken in by them to empregnate them. So, what will happen when these homo hybrids are born? What will happen when the rest of the explorer's arrive? Etc. Ebu Gogo is a gripping adventure that asks, how far would you go to ensure the survival of your genes? It is gripping, fast paced, funny, and well written. The ending drove me a little bit insane. It was casually cruel and it begs for a sequel. Maybe if everybody buys the book and leaves a review, J. will write one for us...

Dakota D.

Search for the Ebu Gogo!

Ebu Gogo had a few ups or downs, but I grew to love it as it went on. The attention to details when discussing anthropology and cryptozoology was really appreciated, and knowing exactly what the book was referencing really adds into why I give it 5 stars. Without spoilers, The Ebu Gogo is not the type of story you think it’s going to be when you read the blurb. If you start this thinking of Castaways by Brian Keene you’ll be disappointed by the lack of bloodshed. While there is bloodshed, it is not quite as feral, for the Ebu Gogos are an intelligent species with a clear goal. Within these pages is a story of evolution and sacrifice, with just a splash of anti-furry propaganda, which I’m also okay with.


Fox is McFoxtrot

Well that was complete and utter bonkers.. I'm actually kind of speechless.. In my head it played out like bad 80s cult movie.. It made me giggle so I've given it 4 furry stars.. That's one fumble in the jungle you can only need to read once.