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Dissecting House (Mina Bassey, Serial Killer Book 1) by Stephanie E. Jensen
Dissecting House (Mina Bassey, Serial Killer Book 1) by Stephanie E. Jensen

Dissecting House (Mina Bassey, Serial Killer Book 1) by Stephanie E. Jensen

Stephanie Jensen

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A young woman confesses to a murder. Criminal psychologist, Dr. Victor Lukman, has to find out why. What he gets is a psychopath unlike one he’s ever met before. The serial killer, Mina Bassey. Her victims of choice: men. Throughout his sessions, Mina uncovers tales of torture, assault, and gruesome murders.

This book deals with violent themes and may be troubling for some readers. Discretion is advised. Readers should be 18 years and older.

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Dakota D.
Completely Unique and Depraved

Dissecting House sets up the intricate tale of Mina Bassey, a serial killer who hates men and does everything in her power to emasculate them and make them suffer before killing them. Not only is she brutal in what she does, but she’s intelligent and only gets caught because she decides to confess on her own. What would normally be the ending to such a story is only the beginning, where things only get worse after she’s imprisoned. The book is very visual and does a good job at putting you into each scene. Even with the multiple point of views and the time skipping, I never felt confused about what was going on and the scene jumps felt natural, keeping me immersed the entire time. Jensen does a hell of a job of giving just enough information about Mina to keep you interested and wanting more. Little tidbits of her past are placed throughout the book like bread crumbs, keeping you going just one more chapter each time until you find yourself finishing the book. Not really story related, but the choice to not include page numbers also helps with this. It was a detail I wasn’t on board with at first, but with them missing I ended up not realizing how much I had read and ended up finishing the book in one sitting! Dissecting House sets up a whole series, with many questions left unanswered in order to keep readers coming back. I look forward to having my questions answered and to see what other depraved acts Mina will commit and find out what her ultimate goal is.