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Digger by Clifford Beck
Digger by Clifford Beck
Digger by Clifford Beck

Digger by Clifford Beck

Clifford Beck


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Witnessing a terrible car accident on Portland's Congress Street, Ryan becomes inspired to help others. The victim of an abusive father, he rises above his demons and earning a premed degree is accepted into UNE's medical program. All goes as planned, until the ghosts of his past return and his subsequent instability results in his dismissal from school. But Ryan has a plan to get back into the good graces of UNE and be readmitted.

Retreating to a cabin in the woods near Lake Sebago, he continues his medical education. But even the best laid plans don't always work as intended, and Ryan slips into the spiral of delusion, led by his newfound fascination with death. Now, the dark abyss of oblivion has reached out a vengeful hand, arriving in a form not only unexpected but utterly terrifying.