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Dia De Los Death (David Longbottom's MISadventures III) by Ryder Kinlay
Dia De Los Death (David Longbottom's MISadventures III) by Ryder Kinlay

Dia De Los Death (David Longbottom's MISadventures III) by Ryder Kinlay

Ryder Kinlay

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David Longbottom is back. And he has developed feelings of affection towards his new toy, Mary Danner. Beggars belief!

Dakota Dawe, his best buddy, thinks he’s pussywhipped. His mum ain’t impressed. Will his GF survive Halloween?

David Longbottom is loved up. It's quite pathetic really.

His best friend thinks he's pussy-whipped and his mum ain't impressed.

Will Davie's latest toy survive her debut this Halloween?

Dia De Los DEATH is the third story to David Longbottom's MISadventures.

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simon m.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

Aussie shelias write the best splatter

Kinlay takes Longbottom out for another heart pumping, blood splattered and gore soaked ride. This one's the best yet and will leave you repeatedly picking your jaw off the ground

Natalie W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

It's hip to be square

Brace yourselves, be prepared to meet a complete arsehole named David Longbottom. I think I may despise this guy more than Dorian Grey, and that is impressive. He treats this girl Mary, whose name im sure is Maria, like utter crap—disrespecting her, her heritage and her beliefs all in one night. He has some serious mommy issues that will make your skin crawl, but this guy is such a brilliant cross between Patrick Bateman and Norman Bates. Well, except he wants to be in his mom *major cringe* brilliantly written and incredibly engaging. Ryder has pulled me in, and now I'm determined to stick around because I want to see if this asshole gets what he deserves.

Ireland Ireland
I recommend this product

(long)Bottom's Up

Not as gruesome as the other parts of the series but we get to find out about the main character and what makes him tick. He shows his softer side in this one, but also the control freak that he is. I still love to hate him and this story hasn't changed that. I can't wait for the next installment.

Dakota D.
United States United States

A Love Letter From Your Bestie

I can’t believe my best friend Longbottom went and found himself a new girl! After his marriage ended abruptly and rhat beautiful meal I made him I sure as hell thought he would come around to the idea of spending some quality time with me. Why can’t he see how much he means to me? The third entry into this series keeps things going strong. Light on violence, heavy on story, this chapter in the life of good Ol’ Davie shows us his softer side, that he isn’t just all killing and manipulating. Deep down, Longbottom just wants love like the rest of us.

Nikolas P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Even Monsters Deserve Love

David Longbottom has a girlfriend! You read that correctly. That's how Dia De Los Death begins, well, it actually begins with a perverse Oedipal fantasy played out by Longbottom and the aforementioned girlfriend, but that's neither here nor there. After murdering his bride on the honeymoon in the first installment, it was high time David got back on the horse, after all. Will his best friend, Dakota, approve of her? More importantly, will his mother? Ryder Kinlay immerses us once again in the lifestyles of the rich and homicidal with this third Longbottom misadventure. She knocks it out of the park yet again. I can't share much, without giving it all away, but you can probably guess mommy dearest does not approve of the new girl on David's arm. Where it goes from there, well, you'll have to let Mr. Longbottom tell you those details for himself.