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Devils, Death & Dark Wonders by Randy Chandler

Devils, Death & Dark Wonders by Randy Chandler

Red Room Press

Red Room Press is proud to present the best writings of the inimitable Randy Chandler in one huge collection of over 30 short stories of horror, crime, fantasy and more. Include are notes for each story from the author.

"She whispered to him and he wrote down her stories. Tales of dark wonder and awe. Of flesh and fantasy. Of black dogs and gargoyles and cranial holes opening upon other worlds. She showed him wondrous geometries far beyond the four-cornered world of his drab room."

Table of Contents

The Stain
Kudzu Man
River Rats
Twister Man
The Handyman
The Spook
Deadside In Bug City
Terra Incognita
Death Comes Calling
The Grind
Lipstick Swastika
Devil In 206
Flesh And Word
Halloween Bash
The Bone Train
Miss Thang
Hogbutcher's Heart
The Kitchen Witch
A Witch In Faerie
Split Finger
The Coffin
At The Edge of The World
Life After Living Death
The God of Broken Worlds
Hellbent House






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