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Dev Jarrett is formally Chief Warrant Officer Four William Devereaux Jarrett III, but he's not a very formal guy. He's originally from Georgia, so you could say he's a "recovering redneck" (it's one of those things that never really goes away--sometimes it only takes a couple of drinks for the inner "Good Ol' Boy" to surface). He's married to the most amazing woman in the world, and luckily, their kids take after her in all the best ways. He wears a uniform for a living, and has for the past twenty-three plus years.

You've probably read authors thanking their spouses for putting up with their head-in-the-clouds writer habits, but Jennie not only puts up with his weird writing habits--she also puts up with Army life, getting moved from place to place, and taking care of all the important stuff when he has to drop everything and go to the other end of the planet.

He's been blown up by insurgents in Afghanistan, he's eaten baby chickens still inside their eggshells and barbecued python in the Philippines, he's sat out on the Korean DMZ on a cold February morning, and he heard the song "One Night in Bangkok" on the first night he actually spent in Bangkok. He and his family have lived all over the place, and they're currently stationed in the Fort Gordon, GA area.

Loveless was his first novel, published in 2013, followed by Dark Crescent in 2015. His third novel, Casualties, was released in February 2016, and Little Sister, his fourth, in June 2016.

His next? You'll have to wait and see.

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