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Demons in Cotton by Ben Mire
Demons in Cotton by Ben Mire
Demons in Cotton by Ben Mire

Demons in Cotton by Ben Mire

Ben Mire

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Then in a blink. Nothing is anymore. All becomes Darkness.

A wheezing voice greets me as I awake.

You are no longer worthy of our Light.

With its words, the world explodes in a flood of sparks, and within the sparks, winds whirl around shadows in a shining dance.

Beyond the sparks, Gabriel finds a world of endless happiness.

He finds Kelly.

Kelly on the other hand is unaware of him.

How can he expect anything else?

She is a little girl who loves her teddy bear Chester, and Gabriel is the monster hiding under Chester’s skin.

The world outside of Chester’s glass eyes blooms with beauty, but even heaven has its shadows. As night falls, Nightmares search for hurt children to feed on and the monsters playing in the daylight show the true cruelty of Kelly’s beautiful world.

Gabriel must fight for his and Kelly’s survival

Can Gabriel save her?

Or will he succumb under the Nightmares’ hungry fangs?

For fans of mysterious grim worlds and heart wrenching horror comes Ben Mire’s debut Demons in Cotton.

Discover a world filled with childish wonder as Gabriel the warrior of the snake follows Kelly through all the spiraling darkness and extreme horrors hiding under the surface.