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Deep Dark by Judith Sonnet
Deep Dark by Judith Sonnet
Deep Dark by Judith Sonnet

Deep Dark by Judith Sonnet

D&T Publishing

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The Rabbit Cave Resort is an ideal vacation destination.. there's an underground bar, a lookout, several hiking trails, and a hands-off tour called the Deep Dark. For action movie star Bully... the resort is his last chance to connect with his estranged children.

What he doesn't know is that something is slithering through the caves beneath the resort. Something ancient... and hungry...

A murderer is taking advantage of the bizarre creatures that live in Rabbit Cave. He's a thrill killer, who has decided to target the family as they take the Deep Dark tour. And after he kills them, he's going to feed them to the prehistoric beasts!

From the depraved author of THE CLOWN HUNT, SOMETHING AKIN TO REVULSION, and NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE. DEEP DARK is a throwback to 70's disaster flicks and 50's creature features! If you like slime, blood, and family drama... you need to read DEEP DARK!