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Death Trip P.J. Thorndyke
Death Trip P.J. Thorndyke
Death Trip P.J. Thorndyke


Death Trip P.J. Thorndyke

P. J. Thorndyke


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It’s 1968. Hendrix, hallucinogens and hate!

The secret military project ‘Evening Shade’ was designed to give soldiers in Vietnam heightened reflexes and a deadly bloodlust but when contamination from a crash site sweeps California on winds of death, members of the public turn into mindless, rage-filled psychos. Peace marches devolve into devastating riots. Police brutality skyrockets. Los Angeles dies as sane people flee.

In a deserted, sun-scorched land of death, only the hard and the tough survive. Fleeing the city, teen runaway Alice Hannigan heads north and enters an acid-drenched fever dream of sex and violence. In a commune in the desert, hippies, bikers and Black Panthers live side by side. But hate is something they have inherited from the old world and as the bodies start to pile up, Alice begins to wonder if they are really so different from ‘the Changed’ who now haunt the ruins of L.A.

An action-packed post apocalyptic thriller inspired by biker movies, hippiesploitation and zombie movies of the 1960s.