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DEATH METAL by Armand Rosamilia
DEATH METAL by Armand Rosamilia

DEATH METAL by Armand Rosamilia

Armand Rosamilia

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No one had ever connected Daniel as the brains behind seven brutal concept albums about Satanism and the dark figure Natas, but when a teenager quotes lyrics from his musical work, Daniel fears his ten-year old daughter, Missy, is in trouble. 

His fears are founded when she is kidnapped. 

The kidnappers want Daniel to complete the last three albums for his former band - and return him to the demons he had tried to escape. 

Daniel can save her, but can he save himself? 

"Rosamilia jams the E-major of dark crime in Death Metal. That scream you hear is the electric-soaked feedback of scorching prose." ~ Scott Nicholson, author of Scattered Ashes 

"Death Metal is a sharply written tale that starts quick and works its way to an edge-of-the seat ending you won't forget. It's one of those stories you just can't stop reading. Bravo! Or should I say Rock and Roll!" ~ Laura J. Underwood, Author of The King's Wind and The Green Women 

"With Death Metal, Rosamilia keeps you anxious to turn each page, and leaves you wanting more. A spectacular read that will not disappoint." ~ C. S. Johnson, author of The Watching


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Chuck B.
He Puts the DEATH in Metal

A fantastic tale of metal and mayhem. Loved the characters and the twists. Another epic yarn from the master!

Kelly F.
More than one demon here!

4.5 Stars Daniel a popular children's author is trying to leave his drug induced demonic heavy metal music past behind him. Yet the cult satanists obsessed by the hidden messages they believe they find in his music aren't having it and blackmail him into getting him to record the missing three albums of the ten by kidnapping his daughter. A short but powerful story. A glimpse at addiction, self destruction and trying to save someone whilst trying to save yourself!.

Mr. Frank
Break Out the Corpse Paint

DEATH METAL by Armando Rosamilia is a cool peek back at the author's early writing years. While his chops are not as honed as they are these days, the spirit of the writer Armand is, was and always will be is there. If you're a fan of his work you should check out this rare title, now available on DEATH METAL also shows a glimmer of the crime thriller writer Armand would transform to years later. This is a dark horror thriller at its core. The plot was a bit predictable for anyone who reads crime thrillers. Expected of a rookie effort. But, where this shines is watching Armand bask in his knowledge of Death Metal as a genre and how the music industry works in general. That's what makes the story pop and stand out. DEATH METAL is dark and brutal. It's a quick read that pulls few punches. There is predictability in the plot that is offset by the action and passion for the topic. If you enjoy Armand Rosamilia's horror or crime fiction you should check this out to get a grassroots look at where he comes from. And have a few White Castle sliders at the ready.