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Dead Souls by David G. Barnett
Dead Souls by David G. Barnett

Dead Souls by David G. Barnett

Necro Publications

What people are saying about "Dead Souls":

• " least it burned nicely."
• "Dave Barnett is never allowed to speak to me again."
• "Never has a tree died for so little a reason."
• "I need a bath."
• "It's sad when God forgets about one of his children."
• "I didn't read it, but I'm sure it sucks."

What we're saying about "Dead Souls": This book is amazing. THEY haven't read this book. WE have. And it's great.

The name Dave Barnett ring a bell? It should -- he's the mastermind behind one of horror fiction's biggest success stories -- Necro Publications. You can thank Dave for publishing amazing extreme horror fiction from the genre's top talents including Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, Joe Lansdale, Gerard Houarner, Tom Piccirilli, Mehitobel Wilson, and more.

Now's it's his turn to put pen to paper. And trust us, it's not what you expect. This is NOT the extreme fiction you might find in one of Necro's publications. Barnett's fiction packs a punch, from terrifyingly haunting suspense to spine-tingling brutal violence.

Aside from the knockout tale "Spin Cycle" which appeared in the bestselling anthology "Shivers," the rest of these tales are appearing here for the first time, and it's a major debut collection from what we consider to be one of the genre's best-kept secrets.

Among the people you'll meet
in Dead Souls are:

• A grade-school genius who longs to teach his bullying classmates a few things about life
• A picture-perfect family with a horrifying secret bubbling beneath the surface
• A serial killer who finds his greatest enemy in the most unlikely of places
• A small-town veterinarian who finds herself at war with an unstoppable killing machine
• A zombie who learns the real definition of having a bad day
• ...and many others...

Barnett is a powerful, unforgettable new talent in writing. As Gerard Houarner says in his introduction, "I can tell you his vision is violent, but it is inevitable violence born out of suffering. Pain is a catalyst, often welcomed, sometimes a door to transcendence. Through suffering, characters outside the mainstream find out who, and what, they truly are. Discovery of self is linked to the discovery of violence in that self. There is attitude. Also a touch of science fiction, and magic. Dave is not without surprises."

You haven't read him before. No one has. But this is a career that you're going to want to say you were there for from the very beginning. Here's your chance.

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