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David Doub

David Doub



David Doub is the Publisher and Head Writer for Dusk Comics. Dusk Comics is an Independent Comic Book Publisher out of Denton Texas. David took his love of creating comics into a full blown publishing company to help other creators get their works out. Dusk Comics produce unique dark works in different styles from around the world.

David’s writing style leans to dark complex dramas that explore the messier side of human nature. You can see examples of that in the 3 volumes of Dusk and the noir styling of Mystery Masque. His latest series, The Trials and Tribulations of Ms. Tilney explore the origins of pop fiction by creating a penny dreadful in a comic format

Also David has taken his love for conventions and nerd culture in general and is one of the founders of the Creative Women's Conference, an event that not only celebrates the current generation of female creators but also help encourage and support future generations.

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